AMQ International HQ

AMQ International is an integrated education solutions provider located in the heart of New York. We are at the forefront of international education and cultural exchange, striving to deliver full-scale services to perfectly match you with an ideal educational program. We are committed to bridging the world with China, and our ultimate vision is to foster global citizenship and provide quality education on a global scale.

Our core focus is international talent recruitment and educational resource consolidation. We value each educator and provide them with the most competitive salary, benefits package and seamless support. Our headquarters, being an International Education Recruitment Group, supplies a large systematic support network that we utilize to support all teachers. Currently, we have four offices across all regions of China and six international locations.

Our professional members are devoted to match the best & brightest talents with the most valuable opportunities. We aim to be the channel for your fulfilling and unforgettable teaching, living and learning experience in China.